flexographic photopolymer plates

Flexographic Polymer Printing Plate

Solid nylon resin photopolymer plate

Solid nylon resin photopolymer plate

Very stable,reliable,repeatable,consistent press performace

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Product Description

 Solid nylon resin photopilymer plate for flexible package

Product Application

Folded paper box                     Film prinitng                       Tag&labelPaper  bags                     

Rough paper substrates             Beverage cartons                Thick board



 1.Excellent dot and isolated line reproduction

 2.Excellent ink transfer

 3.Printing stability

 4.Fast and convenient operation 
 5.Long run/reusable
 6.Environmental process,no residual recovery
 7.Excellent printing results and operable quality

 8.Greater imaging latitude

Packaging &Shipping 

9boxes per pallet,5-10pcs per box.

Box with pallet standard export package or according to customer's request.


Storage—raw plates: 

Unexposed plates should be stored in cool areas (4-32°C)away from heat. The plates must be placed flatly, and protected from contacting UV light. It is recommended to unpacked and handled in yellow light

Storage—finished Plates:

Printing plate should be avoid excessive white light, irradiating from sunlight and exposing in high concentrated ozone environments for a long time either. After being unloaded, the plates should be cleaned thoroughly.

Processing :
Suitable equipment:Huaxing flexo printing plate can be processed with Huaxing  processing equipment  and all similar devices for imaging flexo printing plates.

Printing inks :Suitable for all solvent based ,water based and UV inks.

Washout solvents:Especially good results are achiveved with  

Processing information:Adetailed description of the imaging ,exposure and finishing steps ,as well as detailed information about handing and storing .

if no tooling needed.

Our market

Our market covers many countries all over the world.such as Egypt,Kingdom of Bahrain,Bangladesh,Argentina,Pakistan,Spain,Thailand,Vietnam,India and so on.


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IPv6 network supported


Leave A Message

Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.