flexographic printing plates

Item No.: 3.94mm

Payment: TT

Product Origin: China

Color: Pink

Goods_stock: 2000000

Min Order: 200

Product Weight: 20kg

Shipping Port: Xiamen

Lead Time: 15 Days After Payment

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Product Details

1. No preheating is required
2. Work in the daylight
3. Faster imaging speed
4. Excellent and wide range of sensitivity
5. High resolution
6. Greater imaging latitude

Flexographic plate making process.
  From the perspective of the original design and plate-making process, the flexographic printing process is self-contained and has its own unique features, its plate-making process is basically as follows.
  The original manuscript → electronic color separation or photographic → positive negative map → back exposure → main exposure → development and processing → drying → post-processing → post-exposure → paste plate
  Compared with offset plate making, the following differences exist:
  1, the range of reproducible color values. Offset printing is 1% to 99% (or 2% to 98%), and flexographic printing is 3% to 95%.
  2, dot expansion (50% at). Offset printing for 15% to 20%, flexo printing for 30% to 40%.
  3, plus the number of lines of the network. Offset printing is generally up to 175 lines/inch, and flexo printing plus the number of lines generally does not exceed 150 lines/inch.