What is Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine and Why Should You Care?

What is Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine and Why Should You Care?

Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine (FSRM) is a machine that effectively recovers solvent waste in the printing industry. It is designed to recover and recycle solvents, reducing waste and environmental impact. But why should you care?


FSRM is a machine that operates on the principle of distillation to purify and recover solvent waste. It separates the solvent from impurities and other contaminants to produce pure solvent for reuse. This process is typically automated, making it easy to operate and manage.


Developed to cater to the specific needs of the printing industry, FSRM has unique features that set it apart from other machines. These features include:

1. Efficiency: FSRM is designed to recover up to 95% of the solvent waste generated in the printing process.

2. Customization: FSRM can be customized to suit the specific needs and requirements of a manufacturing company.

3. Automation: FSRM is automated, meaning it requires minimal supervision, reduces human error, and ensures maximum productivity.

4. Versatility: FSRM can be used to recover solvents from a wide range of printing presses, including flexographic, gravure, and offset presses.


There are several advantages of using FSRM in the printing industry, including:
1. Environmental Friendly: FSRM is an environmentally sustainable solution for solvent recovery, reducing hazardous waste, and promoting responsible waste management.

2. Cost-Effective: FSRM ensures a reduction in solvent waste, offering significant cost savings to manufacturers.

3. Improved Productivity: Recovering solvents using FSRM ensures the availability of pure solvents for reuse, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


FSRM has a wide range of applications in the printing industry, including, but not limited to:
1. Flexographic printing
2. Gravure printing
3. Offset printing
4. Digital printing
5. Package printing

What Is the Process of Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine?

The Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine functions by distilling the printing solvent. The solvent evaporates as a result of the machine heating it to the boiling point. Any impurities or pollutants are then condensed and separated from the evaporated solvent before being collected in a different container. The recovered solvent may then be utilized again throughout the printing process, decreasing waste and the requirement for more solvent.

How to Select the Appropriate Flexo Solvent Recovery Equipment

It might be difficult to choose the best Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine, especially for individuals who are new to the printing business. When selecting Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine, take into account the following factors: 1. Capacity: When selecting Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine, the machine's capacity should be taken into account. The quantity of solvent used during the printing process should not be problem for the machine.

2. Efficiency: The machine's efficiency should also be taken into account. Without sacrificing the quality of the recovered solvent, the machine should be able to recover solvent fast and effectively.

3. Durability: The machine's durability is also crucial. The device need to be durable and able to endure the demands of the printing industry.
4. Maintenance: The machine's maintenance requirements should also be taken into account. The machine should have easily available spare components and be simple to maintain and repair.
5. Price: The machine's price should also be taken into account. The device must to be reasonably priced and offer good value.


FSRM can be classified based on the type, size, and functionality. The most common types include:

1. Benchtop FSRM: A small and compact machine for recovering and recycling small volumes of solvent waste.

2. Industrial FSRM: A large and powerful machine designed for high volume solvent recovery.


In conclusion, FSRM is a machine that is revolutionizing the printing industry, promoting sustainable and responsible waste management practices. With its unique features, advantages, and applications, it is a valuable asset for any printing company that wants to reduce waste, save costs, and increase productivity.

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