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We are manufacturer of flexo in China. We are professional in the field of flexographic printing . Not only we can offer you the raw material of flexo photopolymer plate ,but also we can provide you related products of the flexo industry,such as flexographic printing plate making machine ,injeck film ,injeck printer ,tapes ,cushion liner ,UV/LED  tube  and so on.

Flexographic Polymer Printing Plate

Flexographic polymer printing plates Huaxing® are new generation solvent-wash plates. Excellent ink transfer, high resolution of printouts, small dot size, perfect quality of codes, dot reproduction close to 1:1 are selected advantages of the polymer plate by the Chinese brand HUAXING. Photopolymer flexo plates can be used with water-based ink as well as solvent-based ink and UV ink. Plate making time for Huaxing plates is reduced.

Flexographic Polymer Printing Plate
Raw Material For Flexo Printing

In order to be convenient and offer efficient service for our clients,we also offer the other raw material for flexo printing.such as negative film ,cushion liner ,inks ,Ink-jet film Printer and so on.

Raw Material For Flexo Printing
Flexographic Plate Making Machine

Flexographic Plate Making Machines are designed to produce the highest quality solvent -wash printing plates. The plate making process is fast and clean. The resulting printing molds are characterized by high resolution as well as the excellent and efficient transfer of ink. Plate making machines are dedicated to solvent-wash flexo . We also offer IN-Line devices, which were designed as inline photopolymer plate washout and drying equipment,easy to operation

Flexographic Plate Making Machine
Hot Products

Our hot products are satisafed with our customers 

  • flexographic printing plates Conventional Flexo
    Analogue Conventional Flexographic Photopolymer Plate

    Our price is competitive ,and we can provide OEM service

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  •  flexographic printing plates
    Nylon photopolymer flexographic printing plates

    Stable performance,with high latitude of exposure and processing

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  • flexographic printing plates
    High quality photosensitive resin 2.54mm flexo printing plate

    High quality photosensitive for plate making

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  •  flexographic printing plates
    Recyclable 2.84mm analog flexo photopolymer plates for folded paper box

    Huaxing flexo printing plate is recyclable with competitive price

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  • flexo polymer plates
    Optimal flexibility flexographic polymer flexo plates

    Huaxing flexo printing plate has excellent dot and isolated line reproduction,suitable for label printing

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  • analog flexo photopolymer plates
    High quality performance analog flexo photopolymer plates for flexo printing

    High quality with good performance and excellent printing results

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  • photopolymer printing plate
    Competitive price photopolymer plate

    Competitive Price,and it can be used with water-based ink as well as solvent-based ink and UV ink. 

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  • non woven bag flexo printing plate
    Flexo printing plates 2.28mm for non-woven bag

    High latitude of exposure and processing

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New Products

Cost reductions refer to new products that simply replace existing products in the line, providing the customer similar performance but at a lower cost.  We are manufacturer of flexo ,we can customized ,so if you have any request ,we can do for you .Provide you  similar performance with good price

  • waterproof inkjet screen printing film
    Waterproof Inkjet Films for Positive Screen Printing

    Waterproof Inkjet Films for making flexographic printing plate . Excellent waterproof effect, high black denstiy, sharp dot, no stripping, no ink spreading.

  • Green color cushion liner
    Green color cushion liner for flexo plate printing

    Reducing printing pressure between dots and surface makes it possible to effectively prevent dot diffusion .Outstanding printing upgrades the quality of printing products.

  •  flexographic printing plates
    Cushion liner for flexo plate printing

    Good printability for shoddy corrugated paperboard without any damages to it.

  • flexographic printing plates
    Epson Inkjet Film Printer

    Easy maintenance, convenient operation, and long using time.

  • flexographic printing plates
    Digital Plate In-Line Washing Machine

    Full automati cprocessing for washing plate ,It is an ideal equipment for making flexible printing plate

  • flexo exposure machine
    Automatic Lifting And Dropping Exposure Machine

    Exposure with UV tube andstable performance, perfectly reproduction of graphics and text.

  • Flexographic Plate making Equipment
    Light Finisher Drying machine

    Plate dryer with light finisher is designed for drying photopolymer plates

  • Solvent Recovery Machine
    Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine

    Good quality for plate making,it can enhances repetition usage rate of solvent ,and improve the quality of plates with design

About huaxing

Huaxing located in Zhangzhou , Fujian  Province, was found in 2015. We are a professional team with decades of experience in printing plate business. Our company has one production line for flexo printing plates with production capacity of 30,000,0sqm per year.It's a 150-meter long heat-curing coating production line, which adopts clean room and dust-free production workshop ,such as high-precision coating machine and calendering machine, the product quality is stable and reliable with a yield of more than 95% finecharacters to meet the needs of different fields . Furthermore, all of our products are manufactured with advanced equipment and strict QC procedures in order to ensure high quality.Our main product is photoplymer printing plate,.We are looking forward to cooperation with you.

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Oct, 2020


Flexographic plates, like letterpress plates, are relief plates with image elements raised above open areas.  They are elastomeric in nature in contrast with hard letterpress plates.  They u...

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  • Drupa 2021 to be cancelled and goes online as
    Dec 15, 2020 Drupa 2021 to be cancelled and goes online as

    Dear all our customers, We just got news that Drupa 2021 to be cancelled ,and was to take place from 28 May to 7June 2024.Because of the coronavirus ,we do hope you can understand. We are looking forw...

  • New production line will be ready
    Oct 28, 2020 New production line will be ready

    We are pleased to announce that we are preparing new production line to increase production capacity .The new production line will star on July next year. And good news that our R&D ...

    Oct 01, 2020 THE 8TH ALL IN PRINT CHINA

    Dear Sir, We hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth N2A153 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 12th, Oct- 16th, Oct 2020 as the 8th All in Print China 2020 is coming. Our company is...


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