Light Finisher Drying machine

Plate dryer with light finisher is designed for drying photopolymer plates

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    Drying Machine
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Product Details

Product Description

Function 1:

Process of light finisher and post-exposure is accomplished by using UVC and UVA light sources, which can remove stickiness on flexo plates,

improve clarity and lenthen service life of flexo plate.

Function 2:

Drying flexible plate by preheated drying drawer


1. Drawer type light finisher layer and drying layer, UVA and UVC mixed light source for light finisher layer

2. Built-in effective air exhaust device to effectively discharge ozone

3. The big size machine, can control lamp tube partition , the top cover of machine can be opened. Each lamp tube has an indicator lamp, which facilitates the replacement of the lamp tube.

4. Each section temperature control, can be adjusted of independently, different thickness of plate can be managed separately

5. Drawers are insulated of reduce heat loss and minimize energy consumption.

6. Drawers are equipped with air intake grooves and built-in high-strength fan, to allow real air circulation ,fast heat transfer and uniform temperature regulation,

Max Supports Plate Sizes : 2030x1320mm(52x118inch)

Light Finisher Drying machine

Air exhaust device to effectively discharge ozone UVC AND UVC lamp up and down staggered

Light Finisher Drying machine

Packaging &Shipping 

Packaged with pallet standard export package or according to customer's request.

Light Finisher Drying machine

Our market

Our market covers many countries all over the world.

such as Egypt,Kingdom of Bahrain,Bangladesh,Argentina,Pakistan,Spain,Thailand,Vietnam,India and so on.

Light Finisher Drying machine   Light Finisher Drying machine