Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine

Good quality for plate making,it can enhances repetition usage rate of solvent ,and improve the quality of plates with design

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Product Details

Product Description

Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine

Solvent recovery machine is a kind of equipment which uses distillation principle, after heating, the solvent will become steam, and the steam will enter the cooling system to liquefy into clean solvent. 

It solves the problem of recycling and reusing waste solvents for customers, effectively reduces costs and meets the requirements of environmental protection. 

It is one of the necessary hardware facilities for plate making companies. 

The SR series recycling equipment provided by our company is water-cooled solvent recycling machine, fully explosion-proof structure design, the machine can be directly connected with IN-LINE plate wash-out machine or any kind of plate processor, easy to use; with a separate external new solvent collection tank, easy for customers to collect and use.

Machine Benefits:

The whole machine and its components are designed with explosion-proof safety, and safety valves are installed to ensure production safety.

Independent research and development of the control system, accurate control of heating temperature, automatic constant temperature, automatic production equipment does not need personnel supervision.

The capacities of used solvents and heating oil are respectively equipped with visual devices for easy observation.

The whole machine adopts 304#stainless steel material, anti-corrosion, with vacuum decompression device to speed up recovery.

Timed shutdown function: preset the recovery time of the machine. When the machine running time reaches the preset time, machine will stop heating the system. Double-layer structure indirect heating, heating safety, unique temperature protection measures, even if the temperature control or high temperature alarm damage, the equipment has protection function

The built-in refrigerator can reduce the temperature of water to ice-cold, and the cold water can quickly cool the distilled solvent gas, liquefy it, improve the recovery speed, prevent solvent gas from being sucked away by vacuum pump, improve the recovery efficiency, prevent solvent waste and environmental damage.

Equipment has stop alarm, high temperature alarm, this alarm has sound and light, can better remind operators.

Technical Parameters


Recovery rate:85-95%((Recovery efficiency mainly depends on the ratio of solvent to waste residue))

Applicable solvents: Boiling point below 250℃

Recovery Time:2.5H/3H/3.5H/4H
Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine


Need to be installed in a wide and ventilated factory

Need to power off before any action

Do not open the top cover and control panel

Change the heat transfer oil after about 1000 hours

The feeding solvent cannot exceed the specified capacity

Clean the waste immediately after each recycling

Packaging &Shipping 

Packaged with pallet standard export package or according to customer's request.

Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine

Our market

Our market covers many countries all over the world.

such as Egypt,Kingdom of Bahrain,Bangladesh,Argentina,Pakistan,Spain,Thailand,Vietnam,India and so on.

Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine   Flexo Solvent Recovery Machine