flexographic plates

Item No.: 2.28mm

Payment: TT

Product Origin: China

Color: Pink

Goods_stock: 2000000

Min Order: 200

Product Weight: 20kg

Shipping Port: Xiamen

Lead Time: 15 Days After Payment

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Product Details

1)Excellent dot and isolated line reproduction
2)Solid printing performance
3)High latitude of exposure and processing
4)Good ink transfer
5)High impression

This product is a solid photographic printing plate consisting of a characteristic variety of polyamide resin and its supporting components.

It is ideal for printing on rotary and flat printing presses, diagonal flat printing presses, and circular flat printing presses for printing fields and dots.

The advantages of this plate are high printing times, clear dots, high tolerance, and not easy to explode the plate.

A flexible resin plate has a soft, bendable, flexible photographic plate. According to the nature of the photopolymer pre-polymer used, the formation of the photopolymer resin layer is divided into two types liquid photopolymer plates and solid photopolymer plates.

Liquid photopolymer flexo is a thick liquid photopolymer layer before plate making, and after UV exposure, it changes from liquid to solid, so it is also called liquid-cured photopolymer flexo. Liquid-cured photopolymer flexo plate. Solid photographic flexo plate refers to the photographic resin layer in the UV exposure before the soft plate, photographic after processing into a printing plate.